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Choosing to install low maintenance artificial grass is a great, long lasting investment. Whether you add it to your residential lawn or commercial landscape, with DSG it can now be more affordable.  We wholesale and install all our products with in house trained and experienced professionals. Thus eliminating “the middle man” or sales rep and the fees that most often transcribe into higher prices for the customer. We will always strive to give you the best product and service at the best rate and beat any local bid. We encourage our clients to get multiple quotes before calling us so they can see the amazing discount they’ll get with DSG!!

Why DiscountSyntheticGrass.com?

Excellence and Professionalism

We hand picks each and every member of our team to ensure that they are not only knowledgeable but also respect others and behave morally and ethically.

Insured and Guaranteed

You can rest assure that not only is your project guaranteed but also licensed and bonded.